Mavens with Moxie Mastermind Group

What is a mastermind group?

Imagine having an inner circle of trusted advisors to help you overcome challenges and accomplish your goals. You tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the group, help each other solve problems, brainstorm solutions, make wise decisions, and stay accountable to achieve your goals. Imagine how much faster you could grow and achieve with a personal support team than you could by yourself!

You’re on a team, so it’s not all about you.

You also help everyone else in the group achieve their goals. You share your experience, knowledge, resources, and insight to help them on their journeys. You are the first in line to cheer them on and congratulate them on their successes.  You’re on their team and they’re on your team.

That’s a mastermind group.

Now imagine this mastermind group is filled with enthusiastic women solopreneurs who are committed to kicking ass in their businesses and in their personal lives. 

Women with grit and resilience.

Women with open minds and open hearts.

Women who lift others up.

Women who seek whole-life harmony.

Women who rally to make things happen.

Women who bring out the best in you.

Those women are Mavens with Moxie!

Are you a Maven with Moxie?

If you’re an expert in your field and own a business that shares your knowledge and expertise with your clients, you’re a maven.

If you’ve got the guts, drive, and determination to get things done, you’ve got moxie.

If you crave the energy and synergy surrounding other badass women, Mavens with Moxie are your people, and this is your team!

What is Mavens with Moxie?

Mavens with Moxie is a mastermind group comprised of women solopreneurs (maximum 6) with a service-based business. We focus on business and personal productivity to get things done and make your life rock: goal setting, action planning, systems, routines, habits, and accountability. 

Virtual meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central time.

Each meeting begins with a Moxie Minute when we share and celebrate our wins since the last meeting. Then we share our progress on the commitments made at the last meeting and provide support if needed. Next comes the Spotlight, time to focus on each person’s most pressing challenge or issue. This is the masterminding portion and the focus of our meetings. Each maven is in the Spotlight at least once each month. We then share the actions we commit to taking before the next meeting to hold ourselves and each other accountable. We close with a Moxie Mindset, an inspiring or motivating quote or story. 

As a Maven with Moxie, you will have access to the productivity templates, forms, and resources you need to set SMARTER goals, create action plans, implement your plans, and track your progress. You’ll also learn strategies to regroup and reset when things get off track. 

On the first Friday of the month, you can join our Momentum coworking session from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central time. Work virtually alongside other mavens to jump-start your month and make progress toward your goals.

Who facilitates Mavens with Moxie?

Professionally-trained mastermind group facilitator, Monica Premo, facilitates Mavens with Moxie. She actively participates in several mastermind groups, including one specifically for mastermind group facilitators. Monica is also a productivity coach/consultant with over seven years of experience in personal and small business organizing and productivity. You’ll have access to her resources and knowledge of business, home, and personal organizing systems as well.

What does it cost to join?

Membership in Mavens with Moxie requires a minimum six-month commitment. The total cost for the six-month membership is $1374. The fee may be paid in full or in monthly installment payments of $229. After the initial six months, membership may be continued on a month-to-month basis for $229/month. 

Do you offer discounts or bonuses?

Yes! Save 15% when you pay in full before the first meeting.

Mavens with Moxie. Smart women, exceptional results!

If you’re interested in joining Mavens with Moxie, let’s talk to see if it’s a good fit for both of us.