Meet Monica

Berlin 2019

Productivity maven, solopreneur, wife, mother, daughter and traveler who embraces life and living every day fully!

I believe that every one of us can live the life of our dreams!

I don’t mind working hard to achieve my goals. It’s a labor of love, spending time creating something that matters. There’s a sweet spot when I’m getting things done and doing the things that make my heart sing. There’s an ease and excitement, joy and serenity, heart and soul. It’s doing things with the right attitude and mindfulness. That’s how I live and I think my clients want that, too.

To achieve the lifestyle and work/life harmony I crave, I have clear goals, effective habits and systems, and the discipline to do what matters most. I say ‘no’ to some things so I can say ‘hell yeah!’ to the things that excite me! I make room in my schedule for the things that energize and recharge me so I can focus on my priorities and be there for the people who rely on me.

And then life happens and things get messy and off track. When things go wrong, I take a deep breath, step back, regroup, refocus, then get back up and try again.

How am I qualified to help you?

My business management degree and experience in process improvement, contracts, medical products and aerospace manufacturing provide the foundation and expertise in business systems.

(For more detailed experience, check out my LinkedIn page.)

My solopreneur experience as a professional organizer taught me many lessons about owning a business, learning how to do everything myself, and most importantly, the wisdom to do things differently (and with help) this time!

My Midwestern values and natural strengths of responsibility, discipline, and achievement taught me to work hard, plan, and stay focused to achieve my goals.

My passion for order and simplicity taught me to create simple systems to manage my household and fit all of the fun things I wanted to do into my calendar.

My large family taught me to appreciate and respect our differences and look for the unique gifts and talents each of us has. There is more than one way to do or see everything.

My belief that strong women support and encourage each other attracts me to women who share the same collaborative attitudes and energy.

My wanderlust made travel planning a priority, which made our many trips in the U.S. and abroad a reality. It’s now our lifestyle.

But mostly, it’s my non-judgmental, practical approach to creating solutions that work for you. I want to help YOU do things better, simpler, and easier so you can do what matters most and live the life of YOUR dreams.

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