If you’re like me, you started your business to help others by sharing your gifts and talents, and do it on your own terms. You want the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule, be there for your family, have a personal life, travel, and craft the business to fit your lifestyle. Your vision is running a successful business as well as enjoying a rich, fulfilling personal life. Life and business on your terms. Yes!

It’s a fantastic journey, but it’s not easy. Most women solopreneurs not only have sole responsibility for the business, but also primary or full responsibility for the family and home management. That’s a lot to manage by yourself. It can be stressful, overwhelming, frustrating, and lonely.

But you don’t have to do it alone. You shouldn’t do it alone.

Together we are better!

Smart solopreneurs like us surround themselves with a strong support system to help run the business. We carefully build a team of trusted advisors for brainstorming, guidance and advice.

Women who like to talk business.

Women who understand the unique challenges we face.

Women who offer real support.

Women who want us to be wildly successful and happy!

Premo Productivity can help you do what matters most to make your dreams become reality. We focus on creating effective habits, routines, and systems to achieve your most important business and personal goals. It’s the daily actions you take that determine your outcome.

If you want help turning your dreams into reality, I’d love to be on your team!

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